Titanium Crystal: Why You Should Invest in Lucaris Titanium Glassware for your Tabletop

When a restaurateur builds their restaurant from the ground up, they make countless investments in many things: They invest their time, energy, and money in the restaurant itself, and they invest in the staff, from the manager and head chef to the delivery boy. They invest in the furniture, wall decorations, pots, pans, and tabletop presentations to perfectly compliment their menu, while also highly representing the restaurant and its owner.

Of these investments, one of the most important investments restaurateurs make is the choice of glassware they will use in accompaniment with the plates and tabletop accessories from which their patrons will dine. Glassware is far more important than just sand heated to the point of melting and then molded into a container to hold wine and other drinks. The quality of glassware matters just as much as the quality of the food and drink that will be served using them.

There are countless types of glassware for restaurateurs to choose from, but one of the wisest investments a restaurateur can make is to invest in Titanium Crystal Glassware. MCIC is a proud exclusive distributor of Lucaris Titanium Crystal. If it’s durability and elegance you’re looking for, Lucaris Glassware is the choice of glassware for you.

What is Titanium Crystal Glassware?

When one thinks of titanium, they may think of the metal that is usually found in heavy-duty machinery such as aircrafts, missiles, and even spaceships. One would not exactly expect to find such a material in their wine glass while enjoying a plate of ravioli or lamb shank.

Titanium Crystal Glassware, which combines usually delicate glass with nearly impenetrable titanium, proves to be the perfect combination to serve diners in all restaurant settings.

Lucaris Titanium Crystal Glassware is a fine showcase of this. It’s Western designs combined with the latest in crystal producing technology to form glassware that is both amazingly light and elegant yet strong enough to handle the most chaotic of dinner hours. Still, it’s delicate enough to hold wine for one on a relaxing night in.

Why Titanium Crystal Glassware?


When it comes to glassware that is meant for food service, strength and durability should be paramount in a savvy restaurateurs mind. Glassware should be able to withstand the oftentimes chaotic wear and tear of a busy food service. When it comes to durability and strength in various scenarios, Lucaris Crystal Glassware can withstand this test in spades.

So just how durable is it? When in comes to Lucaris Titanium Crystal wine glasses, the standard impact test on the glasses bowl area revealed that this particular glass could withstand a 95 gram steel ball dropped onto it from a height of 300mm without any chipping or breakage. Further tests concluded that the Lucaris glass was resistant to sudden temperature changes, that the glass is safe for industrial dishwashing in high concentrations of alkaline detergent, and that the stem of the glass can endure holding up to 30 kilograms, making it extra strong.

When it comes to food service, it is inevitable that glasses will break and need to be replaced, but with Lucaris Crystal Glassware, it won’t break as easily or need replacing as often. In addition, Lucaris Glassware is also budget friendly.

Aesthetic Appeal      

Durability is great, as it means that the glassware will last longer, saving restaurateurs money and effort in finding suitable replacements. However, there is more to glassware than just durability; the glassware has to also look and feel good to diners.

Everything before a diner could be set to perfection, from the tablecloth that rests over the table, to the bone plate resting beside the main plate that holds the main course, but if the glassware that accompanies everything looks dull or doesn’t match the overall elegant aesthetic, then that takes away from the dining experience. 

Lucaris Crystal Glassware is not only durable, but looks resplendently elegant. When one looks at any of Lucaris’ lovingly designed wine glasses, they will note the beautiful shape of the large bowls in the wine glasses that will allow for wine to breathe and release all of its fragrant aromas. The crystal itself is almost transparent, allowing wine connoisseurs to see the full richness and deep color of the wine they are about to enjoy.

 Lucariscrystal.com actually provides a comprehensive list of how to pair wine and food together with their crystal wine glasses to create the perfect dining experience. Lucaris can also proudly display its prowess in the wine connoisseur world by having been a proud sponsor of Thailand’s Best Sommelier Competition in 2013, was the official sponsor at the Bangkok Wine Expo in 2014, and as a proud partner of the Hotelier Awards that took place in 2017.  These are just a few of Lucaris Crystal’s international accomplishments.

Health and Environment Benefits

Besides being both durable and aesthetically appealing, Lucaris Crystal Glassware is a great choice for another reason. In this day and age where everyone is a little more health and safety conscious, guests want to feel safe not only about what they are enjoying for a meal but also what said food and drink are being served in. Another aspect of Lucaris Crystal Glassware that sets it high above other glass competitors is that thanks to the collaborative efforts between Ocean Glass, Toyo-Sasaki Glass, and multiple award-winning German designer Martin Ballendat, Lucaris Crystal Glassware has been meticulously designed to not only be durable and elegant, but to be both health and environmentally conscious.

Because of its new age design, Lucaris Glassware rises above traditional old world crystal and blown-glass designs that may contain harmful agents like lead and barium. Lucaris Crystal Glassware is completely lead-free, making it safe for both diners and the environment. 

Lead is known to have an number of negative sides effects on consumers. The less lead exposure the better, and thankfully Lucaris offers a completely lead-free glassware option. It is better to avoid such harmful agents, and Lucaris successfully provides a safe and environment-friendly glassware to enjoy drinks.

With durability, functionality, and sublime beauty, the Lucaris Crystal Glassware collections found at MCIC are sure to be the right choice for the any restaurateur! 

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