You’ll Want To Stock Up On These Glasses For Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, you’ll want your bar and restaurant to be stocked with durable, timeless, and aesthetically captivating glassware. Not only will it ensure a great drink presentation Father’s Day weekend, but you’ll love having these glasses on hand all year round! Read below to learn more about how MCIC’s timeless beer, rock, and cocktail glasses are the perfect addition for your establishment.

MCIC has a wide variety of upscale and down-to-Earth glasses to choose from for your restaurant or bar, so celebrate this Father’s Day by offering your guests quality glassware they’ll remember for Father’s Days to come!  

Beer Glasses:

If you’re going for an even more laid-back atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with MCIC’s classic 12.5 oz Munich Beer Mug. It’s casual, approachable, and is always a welcome addition to a lunch of, say, smoked pulled pork and home-style fries. Dad will always feel like a king when he cradles a sweaty mug of ice-cold beer, and the 12.5 oz mug (and especially the 22 oz mug) will definitely make your consumer feel like royalty.

If you own an upscale restaurant, down-home beer mugs, while great, don’t exactly fit your suave style. Worry not! MCIC has some Metropolitan Beer Glasses that fit right in with everything from spaghetti and meatballs to gourmet hors d’oeuvres. The glasses are clean and modern, perfect if you’re trying to evoke a “Dad’s night out” kind of vibe.

Rock Glasses:

MCIC’s Rock Glasses exude strength and sophistication, just like the dad who prefers a glass of whiskey to a stein of beer. Marlon Brando himself would surely approve of the San Marino 11 oz Rock Glass, which is timeless in its appearance and ideal for a classic scotch on the rocks. It’s strong, tough, and evokes a debonair quality that will have your guest feeling like a movie star. Give your guests some variety when it comes to rock glasses–the 8.5 oz and 13 oz San Marino rock glasses are so elegant, you’ll be making whiskey sours until last call.

What makes the 10.25 oz San Marino Highball Glass unique is how versatile it is; from water to cocktails and soda to beer, these tall and sleek glasses make any beverage look inviting. That’s why the impressive 16 oz San Marino Highball Glass is perfect for a classically-cool Long Island Iced Tea! Just picture the golden-hued drink in MCIC’s stylish highball glasses, accented by glittering ice cubes and a cheerful lemon wedge…Father’s Day can’t get here soon enough!

Cocktail Glasses:

MCIC Where Perfection Is Possible

Parenting is no picnic, so this Father’s Day, treat every dad to the high-class and flavorful cocktail he deserves in an equally high-class cocktail glass. Provide your consumer with MCIC’s simultaneously suave and strong Connexion Cocktail Glasses that rival James Bond himself–after all, this glassware line is already a 2019 Tableware International Awards of Excellence winner, so you know you can’t go wrong with these!

To start, the Connexion Double Rock 12 oz Glass maintains a geometric and urbane feel without appearing old fashioned. Speaking of, this glass is ideal for the amber-colored, sugar-cubed Old Fashioned, one of the more traditionally “manly” drinks out there. This edgy glass is far more refined than a regular tumbler or Old Fashioned Glass, and it will make the drink-holder feel just as tough-but-sweet as the drink itself.

Holding a 7 oz Connexion Cocktail Glass would make anyone feel classy, especially if the glass is filled with a legendary martini garnished with a single olive. This glass is so classically-shaped, it’s bound to make any cocktail stand out among the beer mugs and bottles. A crisp martini and a colorful charcuterie board are obvious classics, and will make this Father’s Day one your guests will never forget!

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Written by Emma Patterson

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