Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With These Colorful Tabletop Ideas

Cinco de Mayo has become a huge cultural celebration in the United States, and nothing kicks off the holiday quite like a festive tabletop presentation. The celebration of Cinco de Mayo is full of joyful parades, family-filled parties, traditional dances with mariachi music, and, of course, vibrant and flavorful foods.

Your tabletop should reflect the joy and vibrancy of Cinco de Mayo, and MCIC has the fun and colorful dinnerware you’ve been looking for. Cinco de Mayo is all about celebrating Mexican heritage with food & family, so your tabletop presentation should be the eye-catching center of the celebration! 

Organic Collection

All of the dinnerware in the Organic Collection is vibrantly-hued and imperfectly shaped, ideal for anyone hoping to kick Cinco de Mayo off with a uniquely-decorated bang. The grey, teal, yellow, orange, and blue plates have a tasteful speckled quality that makes them charming and celebratory without losing their down-to-earth vibe. Imagine the Organic 6.5” Orange Plate piled high with some golden, still-steaming tamales. Or how about the Organic 7.5” Teal Bowl carrying a diverse assortment of pork, beef, chicken, and veggie tacos? This collection isn’t just delightful to look at–it will truly tie one’s tabletop together for a festive celebration.

The Organic Collection, with its bright colors and welcoming feel, will transform one’s tabletop presentation into a celebratory Cinco de Mayo spread that will enhance any diners experience! Any chef can easily make a masterpiece of plating their culinary creations on this vibrant and fun collection.

Multi-Color Melamine

The Melamine Collection is artsy and colorful, yet sophisticated and sleek. As already mentioned in our Spring Tabletop Trends of 2019 article, Melamine is undoubtedly popular choice. It’s the ideal blend of youth and adulthood, perfect for a responsible host who also wants to dance the night away. With its multi-textured, multi-shaped qualities, as well as its refreshing red, lime, and black colors, this dinnerware elevates any tabletop to something that’s simultaneously kid-friendly and cosmopolitan.

The Red Melamine 5 inch 2-Section Rectangle Tray is the perfect vessel for the spiciest of salsas. The Lime Melamine 4 inch Square Bowl is the best showcase for one’s red-hot mole poblano. In addition, the Black Melamine 2.75 inch Spoon, with its deep bowl and short handle, is incredibly useful when spooning out large quantities of Mexican corn salad or even tequila-infused party punch, and will make any brightly-colored food or drink pop. Plus,the dishes themselves are thick and sturdy without appearing cheap or industrial. They are extremely durable on the off chance a clumsy relative or excited cousin accidentally drops the serving spoon, ensuring an easy and panic-free dining experience.

Natur Sea Collection

Mexican dishes are naturally bright and colorful, and MCW’s Natur Sea Collection, with its swanky sea-green hue, will only make the dishes look more delicious. The 20 oz, 6.7” Natur Sea Porvasal Bowl is the summer-ready dish one needs on a Cinco de Mayo tabletop. The 12.2” Natur Sea Porvasal Flat Plate is the calm complement to a zesty dish of crispy gorditas or some cheesy-charred elote.

Dishes don’t have to be black or white to be elegant, as the Natur Sea collection shows; the sea green color brings to mind sophisticated beachfront restaurants, which are both impressive and relaxing. Part of what makes this collection so inviting is how the dishes are a gorgeous yet durable porcelain, and they evoke a refined, polished feel that will still put your guests at ease. The Natur Sea tabletop is a place one can celebrate a holiday while digging into a wonderfully gooey chile-chicken enchilada!

Alcohol-Ready Glassware

A Cinco de Mayo tabletop wouldn’t be complete without some margaritas and cocktails, and MCIC has some truly eye-catching glassware that will really get the Cinco de Mayo celebration started.

The 12 oz. Madison Sheer Rim Margarita Glass is fun and feisty, perfect for the fruitiest and spiciest of margaritas. The Madison Sheer Rim makes for a delicate but durable margarita glass. This glass is one of the most vivacious glasses offered, with its wide rim and curved glass. Whether one is celebrating in a crowded bar or in a vibrant restaurant, these glasses are sure to bring life to any Cinco de Mayo gathering.  

Cocktails are just as important as margaritas when celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and MCIC’s 15.5 oz Hurricane Cocktail Glasses are both festive and dignified. The Hurricane Glass also comes in 20 oz. This glass has one of the more unique shapes of all of MCIC’s commercial glassware, ensuring a one-of-a-kind cocktail experience.

Cinco de Mayo offers a playful way to add colors, textures, and shapes to any tabletop presentation. How will you prepare your tabletop?

Written by Emma Patterson

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