Mother’s Day Brunch Tabletop Essentials

The ideal Mother’s Day tabletop is inviting, colorful, warm, and cheerful, just like mom herself. MCIC can help elevate your restaurant’s tabletop to new heights with its edgy and diverse dishware collections. Whether you’re tying these essentials in for Mother’s Day brunch, or adding these items to your tabletop year round, you’re sure to heighten your tabletop presentation to a level that diners will adore! 

Since dishes are the basis of any well-decorated tabletop, they have to evoke as much class, sophistication, and coziness as possible. Whether you’re going for an elegant look, a carefree look, or something in-between, MCIC has a dazzling array of dishes and glassware that are sure to make mom proud!

The Premiere Collection

If you’re aiming to evoke a refined dining atmosphere, MCIC’s Premiere Collection is sure to do the trick. It’s a shimmering, gold or platinum-lined collection that makes a statement without relying on ostentatious designs. The Premiere 6” Round Plate and 8 oz cup, both with a delicate gold lining, are sure to make even coffee and scrambled eggs seem upscale. From cheerful bananas foster to dainty ham and goat-cheese finger sandwiches, the Premiere 12” Round Plate with a sleek platinum lining will make any dish look vibrant and delicious. The Premiere Collection is elegant but approachable, so everyone from moms and dads to grandkids can feel fancy without feeling out of place.

The Orbe Collection

Mother’s Day is also a time of family-friendly celebration and fun, and the Orbe by Porvasal Collection has fun in spades. The dishes themselves are lighthearted and cheerful, and the bright white porcelain makes them a stand-out feature of any tabletop. Imagine serving a springy green salad in the uniquely-shaped 12.2” Orbe Porvasal Bloom Plate, or a high-concept breakfast creation in the 10.6”x 9.5” Orbe Porvasal Plate Ovo, which is shaped like an artist’s palate. The Orbe collection is reminiscent of a traditional English breakfast with a modern American twist; the dishes are charming, fun, and one-of-a-kind, perfect for anyone searching for a tabletop that accurately reflects Mother’s Day itself.     

Champagne Glasses

Mother’s Day is the ideal excuse to sit back, relax, and sip some bubbly with mom, and in order to do so, you’ll need some quality champagne glasses from MCIC. Specifically, MCIC’s Madison Sheer Rim 7 oz Champagne Glass is as classic as Mother’s Day Brunch itself. Champagne is an essential addition to any celebration, whether you’re toasting the New Year, newlyweds, or your favorite mom. Still, if you want to serve a drink that really evokes the cheer and sunshine of Mother’s Day, then a Mimosa is the way to go. Sipping a mimosa out of one of MCIC’s Madison Sheer Rim glasses is sure to make any mom feel like the queen she is!

For a more luxurious feel, MCIC’s Soul 8.5 oz Champagne Glass is ideal for any restaurateur who wants their tabletop to ooze sophistication. This crystal-clear glass has a gorgeous long flute to maintain maximum fizziness, which will please any guest hoping to have a bubbly and exciting dining experience. When paired with the Premiere Collection, these elegant dishes/glasses give any dish, from a regular egg and cheese omelet to a rich and creamy eggs benedict, that coveted upscale feel. For an elegant Mimosa that bucks the trend, an ombre Sunrise Mimosa is fruity, gorgeous, and perfect for summer, especially when served in the Soul Champagne Glass!

If you are trying to evoke a unique, non-traditional tabletop either for Mother’s Day or for the upcoming summer months in general, the Nevada 9 oz Champagne Glass definitely fits the bill. With its wide and deep saucer-like bowl, it’s the larger-than-life version of the classic Madison Sheer Rim and delicate Soul Champagne glasses. Much like its namesake, the Nevada glass is vibrant, fun, and ready to party. It evokes the kind of 1920s sophistication only seen in grand Gatsby-like parties, which makes it ideal for any themed or party-centric celebrations.

View all of our champagne glasses here. 

Wine Glasses

While Mother’s Day is obviously all about treating mom to an elegant, one-of-a-kind dining experience, sometimes it’s also about enjoying a cozy, relaxing meal with family–and if you want your guests to feel relaxed, wine is the way to go!

All of MCIC’s Madison Sheer Rim products are the epitome of class, and the Madison Sheer Rim 12 oz Wine Glass is no different. For connoisseurs and recreational drinkers alike, these glasses are a beautiful and inviting way to enjoy a family celebration. They’re sleek but down-to-Earth, perfect for any restaurant that wants to cultivate an approachable and down-to-earth atmosphere.

MCIC’s Lexington Sheer Rim Wine Glasses are just as refined as the Madison Sheer Rim, but with a little more spunk; the Lexington Sheer Rim 8.5 oz Wine Glass, in particular, is squatter than the Madison Rim, but the slightly angular bowl gives it a swanky, lively look. Imagine cradling this glass in one hand and noshing on some decadent chocolate-covered strawberries in the other–now that is a Mother’s Day guests would definitely love!  

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Slate Trays

A celebratory brunch is nothing without its expertly-crafted appetizers, and there’s no better way to serve them than with suave slate trays from The Just Slate Company. These slate-gray (no pun intended) trays evoke a high-class, urbane feeling and are as functional as they are attractive. The Slate 13.7 inch Long Rectangle with Tube Handles is the perfect vessel for a vibrant array of tapas or for a mouthwatering cheese board. The handles make it easy to transport one’s culinary creations, while the Chili Handles make for a slightly more refined appearance. The Slate 14.6 inch Long Ceramic Rectangle provides even more room for any Mother’s Day appetizers, whether it’s an assemblage of spicy deviled eggs or a lovely arrangement of soft and chewy mini muffins.


MCIC also offers some interesting Carafes to hold popular Mother’s Day brunch drinks, from a heady red wine and spicy Bloody Mary to a cheerful and tangy Mimosa. These are ideal for large-family tabletops, especially those expecting mainly of-age adults. It wouldn’t be brunch without mom’s favorite drink, and the 21 oz Tempo Carafe is easy to pour and stylish to boot! The 67 oz Decanter Carafe helps keep the party going without sacrificing the flavor and freshness of one’s wine, which is sure to please fun-loving families in search of a laid-back good time. Adding any of MCIC carafes to one’s tabletop makes for a more enjoyable and engaging dining experience for all.

Other interesting additions to any tabletop are Lucaris Glasses. We’ve talked about our Lucaris Glasses before, and for good reason: They are the epitome of elegance, and evoke a high-class feel while still being completely durable. Titanium Crystal Glassware is exactly what it sounds like: It’s strong yet beautiful, tough yet graceful. And is there any other way to describe one’s mom than strong, beautiful, tough, and graceful?  

Written by Emma Patterson

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