The Best Plates to Compliment Your Colorful Spring and Summer Menu

Make Any of Your Spring and Summer Dishes Look Fresh and Delicious with the These Amazing Dinnerware Lines

The Spring and Summer seasons bring a delicious, fresh, and vibrant array of dishes to be enjoyed to diners. The days of hot cocoa and savory stew give way to the days of lemonade and refreshing flavors. Spring and Summer menus are vibrant and varied, from salads with the heavenly combination of fresh vegetables and fruits, cool gazpacho, and platters laden with fresh seafood and meat. Sunnier days ahead means this is the best time of the year to renew your tabletop with fresh and exciting products. What better way to experience the enjoyable weather and renewal of the food scene, then by enjoying vibrant new cuisine on dinnerware that is just as resplendent?

Spring and Summer dishes such as salad, tapas, and cold soups are already beautiful, but when they are placed on dishes and bowls that are colorful or elegantly shaped, the entire thing comes together to create a dazzling dining experience. The bowl or dish that a meal is served in is just as important as the food item itself. At MCIC, there are several new and exciting collections of vibrant dinnerware to help really make your Spring and Summer dishes have that extra effervescence.  Dinnerware ranges from the bold and colorful, to the classic white and quietly understated.


The first collection from MCIC’s showcase is the Porvasal Collection. From this collection, everyone from expert food preppers to amatuer home chefs can choose peices from three wonderful, vibrant lines. The first line is called The Eclipse Line, which boasts a wide array of bowls and plates in a gorgeous, earthy bronze-brown hue that will make any dish pop. A garden-fresh spring salad loaded with crisp green vegetables, served in a golden bronze Porvasal Eclipse Bowl, would make even the staunchest meat-lover reach for the salad tongs while the Eclipse Oval Tray would be the perfect serving dish for a lovely cheese platter, with the white and yellow hues of cheese easily complement by that signature bronzed hue.  

Natur Sea

According to, one of the biggest trends of 2019 is food inspired by the big blue ocean. This includes seaweed butter, noodles made from kelp, and fried salmon skins. The perfect complement to this trend is the Natur Sea Line that matches this oceanic theme. With its cool yet intense shades of turquoise and sea green hues, the Natur Sea Porvasal Flat Plate is ideal for serving sushi, the Natur Sea Porvasal Bowl for making creamy shrimp scampi pop, and the Natur Sea Porvasal Oval Tray would be ideal for serving glasses of tangy shrimp cocktails. For those jonesing for seafood, or just really loving the colors of the sea itself, the Natur Sea Line should definitely be given a try.


Sometimes it’s not through bold and vibrant color that a meal can have the most visual impact. Sometimes the best way to go about presenting a wonderful dish is to use simple, white elegance. The final line from the Porvasal Collection, called the Orbe Line, can provide that perfect white backdrop that oftentimes works best. Within the smooth confines of an Orbe Montera shaped plate that looks like the ripple of water, a fresh and zesty gazpacho will look almost too beautiful to eat. Poached eggs will look even more like an egg lover’s dream, served in an Orbe Ovo shaped plate, that looks exactly like it sounds, like an egg. And finally, the reds, greens, yellows, and every color in between that make up a lovely shrimp ceviche will look heavenly in the elegant white Orbe Bloom bowl with its four petal flower shape in the middle.


For an organic feeling dining experience, there are several wonderful options to choose from MCIC’s Organic collection. For those who want to dive right in and enjoy fresh and fragrant spring fruits like strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew, why not enjoy them on a shiny orange painted plate that looks almost like its a fruit itself. Make tantalizing tapas even more desirable by mixing and matching the various shapes and colors that can be found in the Organic Collection. No two bowls are the same, so every dining experience using this dinnerware will provide a unique, thrilling, and tasty experience for the diner.

K-Line & Orleans

As mentioned before, sometimes it’s not bold and bright colors that can make this springs menu items pop, but elegant bright white dinnerware. MCIC has two unique collections of elegant white dinnerware that can make the food served in them really stand out and make mouths water. The K-Line Collection, boasts a wide variety of elegant white porcelain dinnerware in all shapes and sizes, so diners can enjoy a bright orange lobster bisque that really pops in an elegant K-Line Bouillon Stacking bowl, or a lovely grilled tilapia fillet on a nice K-Line Rectangular plate.


The other collection is called Orleans, and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that can fit any table. From the Orleans collection, diners can enjoy vibrant soups like the striking red Manhattan Clam Chowder, creamy green broccoli and cheddar, and golden ginger and spring onion egg drop soup in the Orleans Wide Rim Soup Plate, or enjoy mouthwatering steak with green chimichurri sauce on an elegant Orleans Narrow Rim Oval Plate. 

With so many options for this spring, the possibilities are endless for creating amazing dining experiences for loved ones and friends. With MCIC’s wonderful and varied line of dinnerware, there is something that will work for everyone, be it that punch of color to liven things up, or the quiet elegance that puts the food front and center for a feast for the eyes.

Written by Raidah Islam   

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