Spruce Up Your Tabletop This Spring With These 3 Trends

With only a few months into 2019, the year is already shaping up to be one filled with memorable and diverse dining experiences and trends. Trends of 2019 For the Savvy Restaurateur mentioned some upcoming trends that would be making profound waves throughout the dining scene, and just barely scratched the surface of what diners are bound to experience. Along with the trends already mentioned, these three new trends are set to take the dining scene by storm. When paired with some of the aforementioned trends that savvy restaurateurs would do well to follow, the experience is sure to be outstanding.

The Boldest Colors Make for the Best Tabletop Pieces

As mentioned in Trends of 2019 For the Savvy Restaurateur, one of the biggest trends diners are bound to see at restaurants is the use of unique dinnerware and glassware. Dinnerware that packs a visual punch, like bowls that look like they have been hewn by hand, bold geometric shapes, and handmade plates painted with bright and vibrant colors, is one of the hottest trends of 2019. But why stop at just dinnerware? Another trend that can go solo or hand in hand with the trend of unique dinner and glassware is the trend of having brightly colored tabletop pieces to bring everything together.

Decoist.com reports that tables will be sporting bold uses of colors and patterns for the Spring and Summer seasons, including big stripes of color on table cloths and color pairings like bright, pristine white and deep blue. Making white and blue table settings stand out even further are tabletop pieces that include hues like bright reds, oranges, yellows, and turquoise shades. MCIC is proud to include it’s organic line of tabletop pieces that would fit right in with this trend of bold and wonderful colors to liven up the Spring dining experience.   

Melamine Material is In

Another trend that pairs well with the glassware trend is the use of melamine dining ware. If you don’t know what melamine is, it is more likely than not that you have already eaten from bowls and plates made from this very material. As webstaurantstore.com explains, melamine is an organic industrial compound that is created when melamine resin is combined with strengthening materials. The material is lighter and more durable than china, making it an ideal type of dinnerware to have on hand at any busy restaurant. The constant chaos of bringing out and retrieving dishes calls for a material like melamine, which can withstand the rough and rushed treatment.

Melamine is versatile enough that it can be used not only in plates, but also bowls, serving trays, ramekins, and chopsticks, and comes not only in the standard elegant white, but in a wide range of colors. The material is especially helpful to servers because melamine dishes can keep food warm, yet remain cool to the touch for those hard-working servers who have to handle said dishes while they serve them to diners. Melamine dishes are affordable and a great investment in the long-term thanks to their durability. MCIC offers a wide selection of  Melamine options in both wide and multiple colors to go with the vibrancy of the upcoming Spring.

Slate to Give that Elegant Touch to a Dining Experience  

A final trend that ties into the dinnerware section of Trends of 2019 For the Savvy Restaurateur is the use of slate products to give food that elegant yet powerful look. According to slateplate.com, one of the main reasons why slate plates have gained so much popularity is because the beautiful black-cut stone makes the vibrant colors of certain foods stand out, as opposed to the traditional white plate. Reds and oranges pop, while white no longer fades away into the background.

Easy to clean and durable enough to withstand the chaotic back of any restaurant, slate plates have fast become a go-to when serving delicious food items like salads, breads, jams, and especially cheese platters, which along with jams have become a great dining trend of 2019. Slate plates simply have a way of elevating the usual humdrum place setting into a memorable dining experience that is sure to have diners flocking back to eat and enjoy themselves at a particular restaurant again. MCIC proudly offers a variety of slate trays, and serving ware that is sure to make savvy restaurateurs and eagle-eyed diners very happy this coming Spring.      

Written by Raidah Islam

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